Achieve your goals

Achieve your goals! Good morning guys. I would love to motivate you to chase your goals so you can reach them. The feeling is great, I reached so many goals and there are so many other to reach. I am chasing my dreams everyday and work really hard on them. To reach success you need to work really hard. There are small things that you reach when you work very hard, but they may won’t catch your attention. You will always reach somethng and you should be happy about it! NEVER GIVE UP, because you dont know how close you are!

  • My grades in school

I am proud of myself and my goals, I put so much effort on them and wont ever give up on my dreams. First of all I started 8th grade at school and said to myself “This year is my year in school!”. I have excellent grades and all teachers were happy about me. My first term finished with excellent grades! My success reached the highest score, even for my excellent success in school, my mom gives me 10 dollars every month.

  • My goals in gym

I started to get better at playing volleyball and my body is already well fit. My body is built the way I wanted to and there is so much more to build. For now my body is perfect for me and I wanna be the best version of myself soon! I reached so many PRS and goals in gym and Im so proud of myself. Post blogs will be continued by me, here for you and help you if you struggle with something. 馃檪 I will drop some pictures of my muscles I built already 7 months! Infact the women’s body is different from the men’s body. Our body is more hard to build and it needs more time and presistence. But this shouldn’t stop you from going to gym!

  • The time I spent in gym

I wanna show you that even, if I am girl and everyone tells me its ugly and imposible to reach goals in the gym. Let me proove all them wrong, and they will see my success in life. It doesnt matter what gender you are, if you work hard and smart I am sure you will reach all of your dreams. CHASE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS TO IMPROVE YOURSELF! Thats my advise to you. Hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to read your comments. If you have questions just ask! Also I will drop a video edit that I made.