Category: Routine

In this category you are going to see my routine and everything I do all day.
for example -> gym. eating, some cool activities and volleyball.

Don’t skip rest day

Hi guys, how are things? 馃檪 Today I am gonna tell you about my rest days. If you don’t have rest days your muscles wont grow. That will cause big problems to your body and health. The rest days are the most important, because you gain muscles. What would happen if you don’t have rest […]

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Chase your goals!

Good morning guys! How are you feeling today? 馃檪 I would love to motivate you to chase your goals and when you finally reach them, you will feel so much better and you will know how much you can actually. I reached so many goals and I have so many other goals to reach. I […]

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Exercises for back

Exercises for back Hello guys :)! How are you feeling today? Today I am gonna show you the best exercises for your back. I love training my back, I train it twice a week. I train every part of my body twice a week. On Monday – chest, shoulders and triceps. On Thuesday – back […]

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When I started gym vs Now

Good morning everyone! How are you feeling the Saturday morning my guys? Let me tell you about my routine every morning, because it is important to these ones who go to gym. Gym made my life and routine different and so much better, bacuse in this way I am more disciplined and I have motivation […]

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Hello 2023, bye 2022!

Hi guys! 馃檪 Its 5th of January, new year new me!聽 2022 year was really hard for everyone and for me too, this year made me realise so many things and in the end I turned the best version of myself. I already hit goals in gym and I am getting even better playing volleyball! […]

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Exercises for legs

Exercises for legs Hi guys! Its me again. I made my first video in the gym showing some exercises for legs! You can go and watch it, I hope you will enjoy it! :). In the video I filmed how to warm your legs for the work out. You have to warm them very well […]

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