Don’t skip rest day

Don’t skip rest day

Hi guys, how are things? 馃檪 Today I am gonna tell you about my rest days. If you don’t have rest days your muscles wont grow. That will cause big problems to your body and health. The rest days are the most important, because you gain muscles. What would happen if you don’t have rest days? How many rest days should we have? Whats should we do on rest days? Don’t worry about it, I have answer for every question. If you still have questions, write a comment and I will answer whenever I can. 馃檪

  • How many rest days we should have?

It depends a lot on what are you training for, which sports and how often. For example I will tell you about my program and what and which days I am training. My goal was to gain some muscle weight and get stronger. I trained six times a week for 7 months and I had 1 rest day. There are two types of training your muscle – bulking and cutting. I will make a posts based on how to bulk or cut. You should see them, there will be more information about why cutting people should rest more than bulking ones. My advice for these ones who train to gain muscle weight ( bulking ) is to have at least one rest day or two. These ones who train to loose some weight ( cutting ) should have at least two or three rest days.

  • My rest days

Now let me tell you about my old and new program. To bulk I had to weigh more heavy with less reps – 8 to 10 reps. I used to train 6 times a week and I practiced every part of the body equally. Monday and Thursday were days for chest, shoulder and triceps. Tuesday and Friday were for back and biceps. Wednesday and Saturday were leg day. And my rest was on Sunday, but in the early beginning of starting gym I had rest day after every work out for legs. This way sometimes I had one rest day a week, sometimes two days a week. It doesn’t matter when you will rest, there aren’t bad days for rest. Now I am cutting and I should create new program for explosive work outs. I will make a special post based on my new program.

  • What should we do on rest days?

Obviously on rest days we shouldn’t go on practice or work out. Just stay at home and take some rest. The most important thing you should, not only during rest day, is to eat food. Homemade food, which is rich in protein, is the best way to eat healthy at home. For these ones who bulk, you must eat more food which is rich in carbohydrates and protein. But people who want to loose weight, should eat food which is rich in protein but low in carbohydrates. Food with a lot of carbohydrates may be a problem for your cutting. Take notes and see how many protein and carbohydrates you eat for a day.

  • What would happen if you don’t have a rest day?

I started doing more explosive work outs, because of the volleyball and my jump. I started running in the morning for 1 to 2 hours and then I go to gym. The first two weeks in March I went to gym six times, three times running and three times on volleyball practice. The first week was pretty good, but then the second one I was feeling a little bit more tired than usual. And the third week I got very sick and I was feeling terrible. I was sick like one week and half and I haven’t gone to gym, running or volleyball practice for two weeks. When I went to the doctor she told me that when I don’t have enough rest days my immune system will get weak. That’s why I am sick, because I had one rest day and I train too much. My doctor told me. it’s good to work out but I should have more rest. She also said that I am a teenager and I have a lot of homework and the time at school it’s exhausting. She gave me an advice, “sport is health, but don’t overdo it”. I wont stop running, playing volleyball or going to gym, just making some changes in my program will be better for me and my health.

That’s all for now I hope this was helpful and interesting post for reading. See you guys tomorrow in the next post! 馃檪

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