Exercises for higher jump

Exercises for higher jump

Exercises for higher jump

Good morning guys! How are you feeling today? 馃檪 There are a lot of exercises to do to get high jump. I can touch 270cm and I am 162cm tall . I love playing volleyball and I think I should jump even more! Leg day is important for your jump, your calves helps a lot for jumping high. You should do at least two exercises for calves on leg day. There are so many exercises. I will show you three exercises for calves you should do if you want to jump higher.

  • Calf Press on Seated Leg Press

The fisrt one is called Calf Press on Seated Leg Press. I will show you a picture if you dont know how the machine looks like. This exercise is really useful not only for your calves, for your thighs too! First of all sit on the machine and place your legs on the platform at your shoulder level. Place the feet so that only your toes are on the platform, in that way you train calves. If you put your whole feet on the platform you cant train calves that much. You push up only with your toes and only slowly moves. Repeat for reps.

  • Standing Calf Raise ( Smith Machine )

The next useful exercise is called Standing Calf Raise with or wothout barbell. If there is a Standing Calf Raise machine you should use it, because its the same as the other ones. If there is not a machine, there is another way to do it instead, you could use barbell with weight. First of all place the barbell on your shoulder, you should take platform which is 2-3 inches ( 6cm to 7cm for Europe ). Then put only your toes on the platform and start with the heel touching the floor, flexing the calf. Raise the heels off the floor and exhale as you contract the calves. Repeat for reps and be careful. If there is a machine with barbell on it, just go there and do this exercise, its more safe with machine.

  • Standing Calf Raise ( without any equipment )

This exercise is the same one as the Standing Calf Raise but here you dont have to use any equipment. Only with your weight. You should take platform 2-3 inches ( 6cm to 7cm ) or you can do it without platform, just with only your weight. Start with the heel touching the floor, flexing the calf then raise the heels off the floor and exhale as you contract the calves. You do the same thing as with barbell but here you dont have barbell, only with your weight, Repeat for reps.

  • Jumping on Rope

Jumping on rope is really helpful exercise not only for your calves, but for your strenght and jump. Jumping on rope was really hard for me hahahaha. But its not that hard. There are two ways to jump on rope. The first one is to jump only once with the rope, if you jump only once this way you help your jump and calves. But if you jump twice, this way you will be more fast and its difficult for these ones who dont know how to jump on rope. So jump only once. This exercise also helps not only your jump, but your cordinations too! This way your hands and your legs will have the perfect cordination.

  • Quarter Squat

And the last two exercises for your legs and jump are with barbell. The first one is quarter squat, its like the full squat but you dont kneel to the floor. Your legs have to on the level of your shoulders and dont go down too much, just a little bit. Repeat for reps. I dropped video on quarter squat.


  • Full Squat

The second one and the most important is full squat with barbell, where you kneel down to the floor and the legs are on the level of your shoulder, then you push up the barbell only with legs. If you find some trouble to stand up and no one is there spoting you, then you should help yourself with your back and stand up. I dropped video on full squaf.

Thats all for now guys, I hope this information was useful and mhelpful. Also I hope you enjoyed reading it and I would love to read your comments or questions if you have. I will read all of them and answer them. Bye guys and see yall in the next post tommorow! 馃檪



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