Exercises for legs in gym

Hi guys! I made my first video in the gym showing some exercises for legs! You can go and watch it, I hope you will enjoy it! :). In the video I filmed how to warm your legs for the work out. You have to warm them very well and then you can start with the first exercise – squat with barbell. In the first seria dont put any weights. The barbell is enough heavy for beginners ( the barbell is 20 kilograms ). If you are new and you decide to train legs, this exercise is really important and you can always starts with it.

  • Squat with barbell, the most useful exercise for legs

In the start, if you cant balance the barbell, its okay! The first step is always hard and I am sure you will get stronger. When you can balance the barbell, you can put some weights on the both sides of the barbell. Your back HAVE TO BE ALWAYS STRAIGHT UP! Your feet have to be on the level of your shoulders, not that close or not that far away from each foot. The squat is helpful for your thighs and not that much your calves.

Exercises for legs in gym, What are the most usefull exersices for legs, Are there any dangers and how to eascape them                        Exercises for legs in gym, What are the most usefull exersices for legs

  • Leg Press, the second most useful exercise for legs

The next exercise is called leg press. There are two different ways to do this exercises. You will see in the video how the machine looks like. So the one way is to put your legs and feet close to each other, it helps so much the thighs and part of the calves. The another way is to put your feet far away from each other. This way helps so much for your ass and your thighs. Dont put too much weight, in different gyms the machine weights 20 kilograms but the machine in the gym where I go doesnt have weight. So I put 25kg x 3 ( 75kilograms ). And NEVER stretch your leg ON WHOLE, you will be in a big trouble. Your knee might brake and it will hurt a lot! Be careful guys! For beginners you can do 3 series between 8 and 10 repetitons.


  • Calf Press and Seated Leg Press

And the last one exercise ( with machine ) is called Calf press and seated Leg press. There are two different ways to do this exercise. The one way is when you pull up only with your toes, to activate your calves. The another way is when you pull up with toes and help with thighs too. The first way doing this exercise helps so much only your calves. The another way helps your calves and your thighs too! In the video is really good filmed and there is a lot of information too, I hope the you will enjoy the video. And I hope it will help you so much.

Seated Leg Press
Seated Leg Press

  • Jumping On Rope

Afetr this exercises you can find a rope to jump 4/5 series or more for 30 to 1 minute every seria. Jumping on rope is very helpful for your endurance. If you cant jump on rope there is another exercise for you to jump. Find a box or something like 30 or more centimetres and jump on it 12 times, then repeat it. If you want you can skip the jump exercises, they are only to make your jump more higher.

In the end of the video I put some enjoyable activity like karting! Next time I will film more when I go karting, in the next video I posted 7/8 minutes of riding on the karting race. Go and enjoy the video in my YouTube channel! Put some comments above this post, I would love to read them! Have a nice day guys!

Exercises for legs