Explosive exercises

Explosive exercises? Good morning guys! Today I am gonna tell you more about explosive exercises. Most of sport players, go to gym to make their body faster with better endurance. As volleyball player, I need to be more faster and have better endurance. So if you train any sport like basketball, football or volleyball, to get better, you must take seriously these exercises.

  • Explosive exercises in gym

It is really important to know what are you doing in the gym. Firstly and the most important is NOT to lift a lot of weight. People who wanna bulk lift more weight to gain muscle weight, but this will prevent our development. Bodybuilders are usually really big and not that tall and you might stop growing heigh if you lift too much. Secondly, doing more sets and more reps with light weights is recommended for athletes. 4-6 sets and 12-20 reps is good. Also you can do two exercises per a set. For example you have back day and you do Lat Pulldowns with machine. When you finish your first set then rest 20 seconds and then start doing the first set of another exercise for back.

  • Cardio

The Cardio is the most impotant thing in the end of every workout. Why in the end? Because cardio is the final exercise that finishes your legs. Most of the people do cardio in the start and in the end. But it depends on how intesively it is. The cardio in the beiggining of workout should be only to warm up your muscles. If you dont warm up before every workout, you may get in a trouble. There are a lot of ways to do cardio. Run on a running track, jumpin on rope and ride a bike. These three ones are the most useful.

  • Explosive exercises without equipment

There is a lot to do, like jumping, plank, running on place and others. So the best you can do is to get out of home and jogging in a forest, to breath fresh air. But if you dont have the ability to run in a forest then you can run around your house. Its really important to rest and dont stop at one place, just keep walking even slowly but never stop at one place! For athletes is very important to have strong core. A lot of people who do sports, dont train their cores, because they think its waste of time, but thats not true! You can do simple exercises at home like crunches or planks on two hands or one. For two months your core will get stronger, but you must do these exercises each day, 4-6 series. In my opinion, the core is one of the most hard muscles to built. What do I mean exactly? The core needs a lot of exercises and if you want to have packs, there are special diets.

  • What food should we eat?

Eating after intensive workout is very important. You should eat more protein and less carbohydrates. A lot of people use protein powders and bars with protein and I advise you NOT to buy them. Feed your body with fresh food like eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit, dairy products and drink water. One really important thing for athletes is not to drink energy drinks, because this will cause problems in your stomach. These protein powders are full with some hemicals and people who use them arent full natural. Its important to eat before and after a workout. Eat less before workout bacause when you start with the exercises you wont feel good, but after workout we should eat more and dont overdo. Watch out what do you eat and you will be in good form.