Food after workout

Hi guys! How are you? Today we are going to talk about the food we should eat after work out. Eating food after gym is really important. Here I am gonna answer the questions like “what food should we eat?”,how much food we should eat?” and “eating food after workout?“.

  • What should I eat to bulk

These ones who wants to bulk and gain muscle weight, you HAVE TO eat a lot of food which is rich in Protein! Its really important to eat after gym, because that way you keep everything you did in gym. The food you eat must be rich in Protein. Your muscle will keep growing and you will gain muscle weight. If you want cut and you want to loose weights you should eat food low on carbohydrates . Eat only healthy food like meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and vegetables. You MUSTN’T drink energy drinks like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Monster, Hell and others. They consist a lot of sugar and that’s not good for your diet. My advise for you is to drink water and homemade juice by fruit.

  • What should I do to cut

For these people who want to bulk is much more hard than cutting, because we should at least 4-5 times a day. I don’t say that cutting is way more easy. Its also hard because you have to stop eating food rich in carbohydrates, so you can loose weight. In every food we eat we have to check how much protein and carbohydrates it has. People who bulk eat food rich in protein and carbohydrates, so they can gain muscle weight. People who cut eat food rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Focus on eating meat and vegetables, they are the best food for cutting. And you should stop eating a lot of bread and dough food.

  • Food I eat for bulking

I love eating food after gym because I work like 2 hours. When I get back home my stomach is craving for food. I eat several foods and its different every time. I don’t eat the same thing every day. So after gym I mostly eat dairy products with fruit or vegetable and a small sweet in the end. My favourite food for lunch are eggs with cheese with full carton of yogurt ( 400gm ). Last time I went back home after gym I ate bread with cheese with carton of yogurt and I took one sweet with me. I also eat a lot of meat, every single kind of meat is rich in protein. For example you can eat beef, chicken, fish and so many others kinds. You can find more information in internet about food rich in protein you should eat.

  • What I made for myself

Here you can see the protein yogurt which costs 1 dollar and it has 13 grams of protein. I made sandwiches with homemade bread and I put some tomatoes. And for the end I ate a small sweet. That’s not enough food for bulking so I ate a full carton of yogurt. I took food from my home to school, because I was second shift. Homemade food is always good and rich in protein and its really tasty. 馃槈

Food after workout isnt easy choice to make, but I am sure this will help your eating program. This is all from me for now, I hope this blog was enjoyable and useful for reading. Have a great day and if you have questions or some opinions on this blog, I would love to read your comments! Byeee! 馃檪