Hello 2023, bye 2022!

Hello 2023, bye 2022!

Hi guys! 馃檪

Its 5th of January, new year new me!聽 2022 year was really hard for everyone and for me too, this year made me realise so many things and in the end I turned the best version of myself. I already hit goals in gym and I am getting even better playing volleyball! I can lift 30 kg on bench press and make 10 reps with barbel and 42,5 kg full squat 5 reps. I am so proud of myself and the most important thing is to NEVER GIVE UP AND TRUST THE PROCESS! I had some problems I went through and I am sorry for not posting, but this year I will post more often and I really hope you will enjoy what I post here! I would love to read your comments under my posts and answer them!

I go gym already for 6 months and I wanted to show you my process in the kilos! I started going to gym on 3th of August and the first time when I measured my body weight I was like 46 kilos. So I took a pic on 30th of September and I was so happy when I saw I gained two kilos! I took another picture two months after that and I gained two more kilos! I am so happy and proud of myself and I am so thankful to the person who wanted to take me to gym. 馃檪

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Guys how you spend your new year? With your friends, family or relatives? However you spent it I hope you had great time! I spent it with my grandfather and grandmother. I love piraties and fireworks and I enjoyed it so much and I even throw so many piraties and safe firework for kids/ I love it, I wanna expirience it again once more! Write comments how did you spend yoyr holiday, I would love to read everything! 馃檪 I will drop a pic of me holding pirates! I will also put a link here, you can copy it and see me setting up one of this pirates, its so cool!

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Thats all for now, bye guys and see yall in the next post! 馃檪


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