My back work out

My back work out

Hello guys :)! How are you feeling today? Today I am gonna show you my favourite and the best exercises for your back. I love training my back, I train it twice a week. I train every part of my body, without the packs, twice a week. On Monday – chest, shoulders and triceps, you should train triceps the most for bigger arm. Triceps is around 80% of your arm. So on Thuesday – back and biceps, I will show you today the best exersices for back. And on Wednesday – leg day, and I repeat this program the next part of the week. I will make post for chest exercises because I havent shown you yet. I train 6x times a week and I rest on Sunday, you should have rest days, its good for your muscles, it doesnt mean that if you rest you wont gain muscles, even the rest day is the most important think for you. I will show you picture for every exercise and there is aslo a video.

The first exercise and the most useful exercise is called Lst Pulldown ( Cable ). Sit on the pull down machine with knee pads on it for supporting your legs. WITH FULL STRAIGHT BACK. The most important think for every back exercise is YOUR BACK TO BE ALWAYS STRAIGHT! You put the hands on the pull down bar not too close but not too far from eachother. You should pull down the bar until it touches the upper chest, pause and squeeze the back muscles. Do this exercise for reps.

The second most useful exercise is called Lat Pulldown – wide drip. Its like the first one BUT HERE YOUR HANDS ARE FAR AWAY FROM EACHOTHER. And your BACK HAVE TO BE STRAIGHT! You sit at the down machine again and put your knee under the pads for supporting your legs and body. When you pull the down cable bar you should pull it down to your upper chest only with hands, dont help youself with your whole body. You will see in the video how I do it. Do this exercise for reps.

The next exercise is called Lat Pulldown ( Machine ). Its simple and this exercise has the same name like the other ones but it trains different than the others ones, on the picture you can see which muscles you train the most. You have to sit down under the knee pads again so you have balence. You pull down the handles near to your upper chest. On the video you will see the right form and dont forget to KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT! Do it for reps.

One of my favourite exercises is called T Bar Roll. First of all put weight on one end of a barbell, put your legs on the machine and then grab it with both of your hands. Pull it to your upper chest and lower the bar then pull it again for reps. Keep your back STRAIGHT.

The last and the most useful and one of my favourite exercises is called Seated Row Cable. First of all you sit with chest upright and BACK STRAIGHT, then grip the handle attachment with both hands. After you handle it you pull it towards your stomach and slowly return it to the same place then you pull it to your stomach again, repeat for reps.


These 5 exercises are one of the most useful and helpful. If you train your back at least twice a week and eat proteins from food you would have impresive back! If you dont know what protein is look at my blog I posted yestarday, there I said the answer to the question “What is protein?”. I hope you will enjoy the video and if you have to say something I would love to read your comments :). I will drop back pictures so I can motivate you to train your back. Bye for now guys! See yall in the next blog I will apload tommorow :)!

Here is the video:

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