Power exercises in gym

Today we are gonna talk more about what is power exercises and what are the main exercises. Everyone in the gym wants to look bigger and stronger and usually they put too much weight on power exercises. And if they dont have the correct form, they can get in a big trouble. So I am gonna show you how to do these exercises, so you wont have any problems. When we do power exercises, the reps are between 2-5 and the sets 3-4 and the time for rest is really important 3-5 minutes but no more than that.

What is power exercise?

We do these exercises for more power and endurance. One really important thing for volleyball or basketball players is NOT TO do power exercises. For example body builders do exercises like Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift with a lot of weight, so they can have more power. But mostly all of the body builders dont have fast movements and they stay short. But the question is why do they stay short? Thats one of the reasons why volleyball or basketball players mustnt do power exercises, let me explain more about it.

Which gym exercises stop height growth?

Thats a great question, that I have been asking myself for several months and finally I got the answer from personal trainer. Because of him I changed my program, so I can grow a little more. Now let me explain you more… Power exercises like Deadlift and Squat should not be in your program if you are teenager and want to grow height. But why these two exercises stop the height? And here is the answer – Regardless of whether you have the correct form or put average weight for you, the spine gets loaded. Putting a lot of weight on these two exercises is also bad for your spine. I know most of the teens do these two power exercises, even I used to do them, but you dont loose anything if you stop. If you want to go to gym, you can try to do more explosive exercises or dont put Deadlift and Squat in your program for the moment.

What are the 3 main power exercises?

The tree main exercises for power lifters or body builders are Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift. The right form here is the most important thing, which will protect you from terrible injuries, that may cause you trauma for life. Doing power exercises is very dangerous especially for teenagers. Why do I say especially for teenagers? Because in our teen years our body grows and our bones are not developed enough. I mean that teenagers should not lift a lot of weight during our bone and body development. Body builders usually starts when they are adults, but some of them starts in their teen years and thats why some of them are short. But now I am gonna show you the right form for these three exercises.

  • Bench Press

The first one – Bench Press. There are many ways you can do this exercise. Firstly, when you lay down, you must make space under your waist. What do I mean space under the waist? When you lay the first thing you must do is to leave space under your waist. You tuck your legs in and then lift your waist up, dont lift it up too much or not enough. When you lift your waist, you have good form. And now it comes the main part of the exercise. There are two ways how you will catch the barbell. The wide grip where you activate mainly the chest. And the closer grip where you catch the bar with the level of your shoulders, this activates the triceps. Power exercises in gym, what is power exercise, which gym power exercises stop height growth, what are the 3 main power exercises

  • Squat

The next is Squat with barbell. There are a lot of different ways you can do this exercise. But there are some important things that you should do. Firstly, when you pick up the barbell, bring your hands closer together on the bar, we place the bar a little below the neck, with straight back. Even when you go down, your back have to be straight! When you are doing Squat, your legs mustnt be too close or too far, put them on the level of your shoulders. Going down slowly and getting up slowly, you dont need to hurry, so you dont get in trouble. And also your knees should piont outward and not inward as you liff of the ground. For more details you can go and see my post Exercises for legs in gym.

  • Deadlift

Thats on of the most dangerous exersices I have ever done in my life. Here without the good form, you can get in a big trouble. Firstly, I see a lot of people throwing the bar ot the ground way too much, this wont help you to lift it. And now the form, I prefer normal form than sumo, for some people sumo deadlift is cheating, but its also good form. Personally Sumo is more difficult for me. You put your legs on the level of your shoulders, then you catch the bar. I prefer to put my hands in different poses, what do I mean? I could say that holding the barbell like this is safer option to keep the barbell from slipping out of your hands. Look at this picture. Power exercises in gym, what is power exercise, which gym power exercises stop height growth, what are the 3 main power exercises

And the most common mistake in the form of Deadlift is the back. I have seen so many people with bad form, because of their backs. Especially for this exercise the back have to be STRAIGHT!!! Having a bad form on Deadlift can cause you a lot of big pains in the waist if you dont straight up your back. Look at the picture and please, remeber the right form for this exercise. If you straight up your back, you wont have any problems in the waist or the spine. Be safe!


Power exercises in gym, what is power exercise, which gym power exercises stop height growth, what are the 3 main power exercises