Progress and PRs in gym

Progress and PRs in gym

  • What does PR means?

Helloo guys! How are you? 馃檪 I wanted to tell you about my PRs that I hit when I had leg day. But first of all, let me tell you what is PR if you don’t know. I will try to explain it with simple words. For example if you had leg day and you did 10 reps with 50 kilograms and you decide to lift more the next leg day. Then you put 55 kilograms and make 8 reps. Every new kilogram you put and make reps with them it counts for PR. PR is when you put more weight on exercise and that means you are getting stronger. PR also counts when you lift something once or twice on your max weight you could lift. For example my deadlift PR is 70kg, I can lift it once.

So I hope you get it what PR means, if you didn’t get it, now I will show you one PR I hit the last time I had leg day and I think you will get what PR means. So last time I had leg day was 2 days ago and I decided to do more exercises for legs. Also when you start doing new exercises with the weight you want, the app I told you about in the previous blog, will count the new exercises like PR. I will drop a picture of my work out for legs. As you can see I hit 18 PRs because of the two new exercises I put and because I decided to put more weight. These two new exercises I put are called Hip Adductor and Hip Abductor. I will show you the difference between these exercises by pictures.

The difference between these two exercises is that the ADductor is training your inner part of your thighs and the ABductor is more for your waist. When you sit on the Adductor machine you put your legs on the pads and then you slowly press against the pads with your legs to move them towards each other while exhaling.

The another one called Abductor trains more your waist than your legs. Its not useless this exercise especially for volleyball players. When I play volleyball sometimes I have pain in the lower part of my back, I mean my waist hurts really bad sometimes and if you have the same problem as me as a volleyball player, you should try this exercise. Its not that hard, 3 series with 10 reps is pretty good if you train legs twice a week. But here is the difference, when you sit on the machine you put your legs on the pads, then slowly press against the pads with your legs to move them AWAY from each other while exhaling.

And here is the moment I wanted to tell you guys I hit 15 reps with 120 kilograms on Leg Press! I am so proud of myself and this is one of my biggest PRs for this year! No one supported me this moment. But… I was really angry about one thing and I just said to myself “If I can do 15 reps with 100kg, I am able to do it with more than that!” Then I put 20 kg for my last series and I throw away the angry mood that way. Even after that I felt so proud of myself and I was happy about it like a lot! 馃檪

Guys please NEVER GIVE UP and chase your dreams to hit big goals and I am pretty sure you wont regret it. Do things that make you feel better and work hard, you will always have awards for your hard work. That’s all from me now! I hope the blog was useful and enjoyable to read! See y’all tomorrow guys! 馃榾

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