The results from going to gym

  • Gym changes lives

Results from gym? Good morning everyone! Let me tell you about my routine every morning, because it is important to these ones who go to gym. Gym made my life and routine different and so much better, bacuse this way I am more disciplined. I have motivation to go and make the best version of my self! If you want to change yourself, dont wait anymore, just go and WORK IN SILENCE ;). First of all, when you start gym, you should get more sleep like 8 to 9 hours, so you could have energy during the whole day. My advise to you, if you want to get taller or build more gains, just sleep 8 to 9 hours at night, if you sleep less than 7 hours your brain wont work good enough and you wont have enrgy during the day. Lets talk about my routine now.

  • My routine, which gives Results from gym

I get up at 8am and first I make some coffee and then sits to chill. When I am done drinking my coffee I do my homework. Then I get ready for school and if I have a practise I take my shoes for volleyball. Before I go to school, I go to gym for 2 hours and then I take my bus to school. Is it important what do you eat after gym? And the answer is yes, it is. You should eat food that is rich in proteins and cabrohydrates. Eating food with a lot of fats and carbohydrates is for people who bulk. Cutting people should eat food rich in proteins.

  • What is protein and why we should eat it?

And now here might be questions, what is protein and why we should eat it? It is really important to eat proteins so your muscles will build and stay fit. Food like dairy products – cheese, yogurt ( in Bulgaria we call it “kiselo mlqko” ) and milk, these three products are rich in protein so you should eat them. If you cant eat dairy products or you dont want to, you can eat meat. Meat is also rich in protein, for example chicken, beef and fish ( you should eat once a week some fish ). And there are so many other types of meat and dairy products to eat instead of drinking powders. I advise you NOT to drink protein powder, because you dont know what ingredients it has. After gym I eat 400grams of yogurt ( kiselo mlqko ), I eat like 13g protein, but it consists also 18g cabrohydrates and 11g fat.


  • Does gym stop growing the height?

Some people say that every teenager who goes to gym will NOT develop their healthy growing. The truth is that, gym is just a sport like others. Basketball and volleyball players also go to gym, but they do explosive exercises for better edurance and faster movements. As a volleyball player I grew 2 centimeters from August, when I started gym, to January. Your height is genetics, it depends on how tall are your parents and grandparents. If you want to become a bodybuilder, this will stop your height. Putting a lot of weight on exercises like Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press with barbell, will stop your height. Most of the bodybuilders are short and big, but there are also high bodybulders sometimes. If you are teenager like me, my advice for you is to train sensibly.

Results from gym

Results from gym

Thats all for now from me, write under this post if it was helpful and enjoyable to read it. I will see and read all your comments :). The next post I will apload I will show you the best exercises for your back, now am going to gym I have leg day! DONT SKIP LEG DAY! Bye guys. 🙂