Tips to gain muscle mass

Hello guys, today we are going to talk more about how to gain muscle mass. There are some tips t, so I am making this post for you. As always to be able to achieve whatever you want you must be regular. The main thing is not motivation, the motivation is temporary, the discipline is the main thing we build in time. There are questions like “How to build muscle quickly?”. I know everyone new who eneters the gym wants to see results in the first 2 weeks… But every body needs time and constacy, so you wont see the results you want that fast, but I am sure you will if you follow these tips.

In the beggining when I started training I wanted to see results the first three days. I was always thinkg about it “When I am gonna see results?”. But then, when I started to get used to gym I forgot about this question. I was going everyday for my joy, I just had fun there. Its not always about getting stronger, sometimes going to gym makes my day way better. 馃檪

Tips to gain muscle mass

  • Eating enough to gain muscle mass

The best tip to gain muscle mass is to eat more calories. Dont eat too much, but dont eat not enough. If you dont know how to count your calories you should download the app – Calorie Counter MyNetDiary. I have used the app, you can download it for free on your phone. When you log the food you have eaten during the day, you can see how many proteins, cabrohydrates and fat you ate. Its really important to eat more calories, so you gain muscle mass. I dont recommend protein powder, just eat food that is rich in proteins. Or if you dont know how to eat the protein you need during the day, you can eat protein bars. They are not cheap but they are worth it. its more impressive to build the body you want and be natural.


  • Training with heavy weights

Of course to gain muscle mass, you need to train, not only to eat. To gain muscle mass you have to lift heavy weights and going to gym 3 to 4 times is enough for power lifting. If you want to see more about Power exercises in gym, go and see my post. Heavy weights can be dangerous for teenagers. In teenage years our bodies are developing and the heavy weights can cause problems on our body. So if you are teenager between 12-16 I advise you not to lift heavy, especially girls should be very careful too.

  • Training to NEAR failure

Hm, what does near failure means? Training until failure is when you abuse your body to make as many reps as possible. I dont really recommend to train until failure because its really painful and exhausting. But what does mean near failure? Near failure means, to make reps that are worth it without abusing your body to make until failure. Near failure is to stop when you feel that you are reaching your limit. If you dont know how many reps you could do, just lift a little bit way more heavy weights than usual and make 8-10 reps.

  • Cardio

Its awesome to make muscles in the gym and look stonger and pretty, but we also have to do cardio. I see a lot of bodybuilders who just lifts heavy weights and never goes to run. Running is one of the most important exercises for your endurance. There are several ways to do cardio like mountain running, walking, jogging, jumping on rope, swimming , cycling and a lot more. Its good to move more than just laying on the bed. Especially if you train sport like volleyball, basketball, tennis, football and athletics DONT EVEN THINK about lifting heavy weights. The only thing you need is to have endurance and fast movements, the cardio is for everyone!

  • Sleeping 8 to 9 hours

We all know that most people especially teenagers like me, struggle with sleeping enough. The problem is that, school is exhausting and we go to bed late and have to wake up very early. Some teens get up at 4am or 5am, because they live far away from their schools. I also feel very overwhelmed, because of doing a lot of homework and having volleyball practice until 9pm. I actually love going to practice and its my favourite part of the day, but after that I have to do my homework and go to bed lately, knowing that I have to get up at 6am. The most popular problem with teens is that they are on the phones too many hours. The bright screen is damaging your eyes and the brain thinks that its day.

Its really hard for us, teenagers to sleep enough when we have so many exercises and homework to do. My advise to you is to not watch at your phone that often and when your going to bed leave the phone and turn the TV on and watch something until you fall asleep.

This is everything that I had to say so, I hope you liked the post. 馃檪 If you have any questions you can contact me on my instagram profile – @aneliqstoencheva