The application Strong

  • Happy first snow!

Good morning guys! How are you? After I tell you about the snow in my town I will show you the best application to download so you can help yourself in the gym. You can use the app strong for saving your workouts and PRs. So yesterday was snowing in my town and it was really beautiful to watch! Happy first snow in my town Plovdiv. I will drop some pictures from yesterday, it was so calm when I went outside. It was like 10pm when it started raining snow. I went outside at 10:30pm, because I wanted to smash all the snow outside near my home. It was so satisfying! I was drawing hearts in the snow, while it was snowing. I love drawing hearts, because for me its so much more than just a drawn heart, they are special for one person I love the most and their meaning is to love each other. 馃檪

  • When I started gym with my friend

When I started gym I was doing only the exercises I knew and exercises that only my gym bro knew. But then one of his friends told me about one application that I should download, so I can see my progress in gym. I was asking myself “Should I download this application and try it?”. And a few days after that I installed this app. At first I didnt know how to use it. I asked my friend and he told me ” you should make your own three work outs for your body and when you use the gym you should work with this app”. You choose what exercises to do for the day. There are a lot of exercises, they are like 250. I am sure you will find exercises that you even didnt know about them, and you have pictures and videos of every simple exercise. Let me show you pictures for example.

Lat Pull Down - Wide Drip ( Machine )
Lat Pull Down – Wide Drip ( Machine )
Jumping On Rope
Jumping On Rope
Smith Machine - Calf Raise
Smith Machine – Calf Raise
Seated Row ( Cable )
Seated Row ( Cable )

You have different categories – Barbell, Dumbell, Machine, Reps, Cardio and so many others. When you start your work out with this app it shows you how much time you are spending there and finally when you finish it shows you how many PRs you have. I cant tell you all options on this app but I promise you that app is so useful and helpful for beginners.

  • The name of the app

The app is called “Strong” and you can download it for free on your phone or the smart watch. The app looks like that, you can type only ”Strong” and it will appear on the top. Dont hesitate and download the app and make three work outs you would follow, you can create them by yourself. But if you dont know how, the app has 3 work outs you can follow to get see how it works. When you get into the app and you explore it you would be able to make your own work outs. The app is really worth it, try it for free! You dont lose anything, if you try. 馃榾

Thats all for now, I hope you will install it and hopefully it will help you with doing your exercises in gym. Bye guys and see yall in the next blog, I am really excited to tell you something that I did in the gym. See yall in the next blog! 馃槈