Who I am?

Who I am? My name is Anelya. I am 14 years old and I am from Bulgaria. I will tell you at first how I started my sport career. So I started trainning volleyball when I was 12 years old. After one year of playing, my coach moved me to a new group, where the players were on better levels. When they moved me in the new group, I wasnt that good at all. They moved me May and now we are November. 6 Months passed from when I started playing in the new group called VK Matizta in Plovdiv. In the start I was playing as striker in zone four, but recently I am playing as striker again, BUT in zone two – diagonal. I love playing volleyball, we have competitions and sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But the most important thing in one sport is to be happy playing it. When we play volleyball, we are playing for fun and love. If we are on competition and lose, it doesnt matter. NEVER GIVE UP!

  • The person who motivated me to go to gym

I had a friend who always wanted to go gym together and I always told him, that I dont want or I dont feel good, I have told him so many excuses, but one day I decided to go, because he was getting a little bit annoying. Went I entered the gym with him I didnt know what is going to happen. At first I was feeling uncomfotable and I wanted to go home, but…. When we started, I actually liked that and I was going with him for a month. In the start it was hard everything, you need to be patient and constant. After two months of going to gym, my body started to fit very well. I moved to another gym where I work out alone and the place is closer to my home. Its been 3 months of going to gym and I decided to make posts and videos with exercises with a lot of information and some pictures for you, who wants to go gym. I am here to help you guys, to make healthy routine and well builded body. Be a nice person!

Do you play any sports and do you enjoy them? I would love to read your comments and answer them! 馃檪